Thursday, January 6, 2011


Everything in moderation… right? I did not do well last night. I started off well with my soup and crackers, and then ate more crackers… probably 15 total. Then I saw the cookie container. Those yummy butter cookies, I love them… so I polished off the rest of the container! But that's not all. There was a bag of chocolate chips sitting on the counter, it was almost empty so I finished the bag and then dug the bag of butterscotch chips out and ate some of them. Then I snacked on some pretzels with the baby and that saltiness made me want more sweet so I ate more butterscotch chips… I am a mess! I have no sense of self control. I totally kicked butt in the gym yesterday and undid all of that work last night! I have got to get control!!

Today, I have done a little better… so far.
Double Chocolate Protein Shake
Low Fat English Muffin w/ Organic Peanut Butter
Grilled Chicken Salad w/o croutons!! (Jack in the Box)
String Cheese
10 baby Carrots
Homemade Pizza Rolls

50 minute walk 2.5mph

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