Thursday, December 30, 2010

Diet... A Family Adventure

So we are on day four... or what would have been day four of eating clean, except for one little problem... I'm at home with a kitchen of baking items that require my attention. I have this urge to bake. It is comforting to me. I can make the goodies and give them away! Then my kitchen will be clean and I will not be tempted.

Here are my stats from 12/29/10

Exercise: I did really well yesterday. I can feel the soreness... thats a good thing, right!?!?
Elliptical - 45 min, 418 calories burned
Shoulder raises - 10 lbs, 13 lifts (that was to failure... a little sad huh!), 10 front lifts
Abs - 10 crunches with 8 lb weight ball between legs. 20 crunches lifting weight ball over head to alternating shins (haha, not sure if that exercise has a name, but it works).

Diet: Those damn cookies...
Breakfast - Mixed Berry Protien Shake
Snack - 1 clementine orange
Lunch - 2 cups Skinny Soup
Splurge - 2cookies, 1 piece of fudge, 1 cranberry almond bark, 1 piece of peanut brittle, 1 chocolate covered graham cracker, and 1 chocolate dipped macaroon.
Dinner - Chicken and Acorn Squash Tacos, Salad

Friday, February 26, 2010

Buy Me A Rose...

Michael sent flowers to my work for my birthday and they were absolutely beautiful. Just looking at them makes me want to plant flowers...

I've never had luck with rose bushes... hmmm... maybe a spring project!?!?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Resolution Update

Ok, so the diet/budget thing isnt going so well... go figure. But we started a "Biggest Loser" type challenge at work and I've got 45 stubborn little pounds that just wont go away... Plus, Michael's knee doctor told him to "lighten up" LOL! That was funny to me, what a way to put it... So I (actually we) need to kick it in gear. Ugggg, I am so frustrated with myself, I mean seriously!?!? How freaking hard can it be to stick to a stupid little diet???

Eat Less, Exercise More
Eat Less, Exercise More

Ok, P90X... Here I come