Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome 2010

Well, I am starting off 2010 with three New Year's Resolutions. Two are probably common for most people - Health and Wealth. The third... arrive on time! LOL!! for those of you who know me, go ahead and laugh... I know it probably won't happen, but seriously... I am really gonna focus on the first two. In fact, I am making these resolutions for the whole family! (they are gonna be thrilled)

I've worked very hard over the past year to lose 38 pounds (putting my total at 69) only to have gained ten of them back over the holidays. Grrrr, I am so angry with myself for skipping workouts and indulging in goodies. But, it's ok... I'm back on track and I'm taking them with me!! We will focus on two things here: 1.Actual monthly weight loss goals for me and Michael, and 2.working on healthy eating habits for the whole family. To begin with, we have two weddings to attend this year. The first is on February 13th (the second is in May and we'll focus on that later) and our goal is to lose 18 pounds for the first wedding... simple math her folks. 18lbs divided by 6weeks equals three pounds a week (I know the recommended amount is no more than two... but I don't have time to be medically correct). The real challenge will be cooking healthy food that will satisfy Michael. I will be posting good recipes on my food blog Sweeties Kitchen Adventures if you're interested.

I have spent the better part of three years listening to Dave Ramsey. I have asked to go see him live for the past two, but my husband refuses to go. So the whole working together think is not going to work here. We have about 64 thousand dollars in debt not including our house and I am hell bent and determined to pay it off in 2010. I have the knowledge and the gazelle intensity... my problem is with that stick-to-itiveness. So I will keep you posted on how much I pay off at the end of each month.